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Linking Google Analytics With Google Ads - 3 Key Benefits

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Find out how to link Google Analytics to Google Ads, and pull relevant metrics into your Google Search account.

How to link Google Analytics to Google Ads?

First, ensure you are using the same login details for Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Then, Login to your Google Analytics account:

  • Click on ‘Admin’ (bottom left hand corner).

  • Under property, click on ‘Google Ads Linking’.

  • Create a ‘New Link Group’, and select the relevant Google Ads CID.

  • Give the Link Group a name.

  • Toggle linking on, for the view you want to share, and click ‘Link’.

Next, go to Google Ads:

  • Open ‘Tools & Settings’ in the top bar.

  • Click on ‘Setup’ > ‘Linked Accounts’

  • Click on ‘Google Analytics’

  • Hover over ‘View’, and click the pencil to edit.

  • Toggle ‘Import Site Metrics’.

Wait 24-hours, and you will now see Google Analytics data (bounce rate/ pages-per-session/ etc.) appearing in the Columns that can be added to views.

3 Key Benefits?

Traffic Quality Metrics – Google Analytics metrics, such as bounce rate, pages-per-session, and avg. session duration can provide additional indicators into traffic quality. If you PPC budget is tight, this can help inform where to pull back spend. For example, if a keyword has a high bounce rate, you may not want to be spending much for these clicks.

Import Audiences – Remarketing audiences in Google Analytics are far more insightful than those in Google Ads. With linked accounts, you can create and import audiences from Google Analytics into Google Ads. One of our favourite audience filters in Google Analytics is the ‘session quality metric’ – overlaying this onto audiences helps to maximise efficiency of remarketing lists.

Import conversion data – Google Analytics is usually the ‘source-of-truth’. Importing conversion data into Google Ads can ensure you are working to same conversion data in both platforms.

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