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3 Google Shopping Updates To Expect In 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We take a look at some of the exciting updates heading for Google Shopping in 2020.

New Placements For Google Shopping

With an increasing number of businesses advertising on Google Shopping, competition for inventory is increasing. In March 2020, Google will be adding more inventory for shopping ads across, Gmail, YouTube and the Discovery Feed.

You can opt in to these placements by going into campaign settings and to the ‘Networks’ field. Ticking ‘Search Network’ enables ads to show in image results when users search, and ticking ‘YouTube, Gmail and Discover’ enables ads to display in the other placements.

So what…? Serving ads across a broader network will be interesting to test. Not only due to increased impression volumes, but potentially reduced CPCs if other retailers are slow to add these new networks.

Buy On Google

Currently only available in the US, ‘Buy On Google’ is Google’s play to keep up with Amazon. Users will be able to purchase without leaving Google – using payment data from their Google Accounts. On top of this, Google will be able to recommend products that a user may want.

An interesting development will be Google’s focus on helping users find the lowest priced products - making it more important for advertisers to control which products they are serving.

So what…? This would be a huge development in Google. Since users wouldn’t be clicking through to site, it’s likely CVR and overall efficiency of the Shopping ads would improve going forward.

Price Competitiveness Report

Currently in Beta, Google has recently released a Price Competitiveness report that can be found in the Google Merchant Center Growth section. This allows advertisers to see how their product price stacks up versus competitors.

Last year Google released Price Benchmark data as a column in the product tab of the Merchant Center, and the new competitiveness report is a more formalized version of this.

So what…? It’s common sense that conversion rate is heavily influenced by product price. Knowing which of your products are cheapest versus competitors can unlock new opportunities to push these products more aggressively in your campaigns. Read our recent blog to find out how.

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