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Google Shopping Custom Labels

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

In this blog we'll explain how to promote specific product from your inventory on Google Shopping, using simple tricks in the Google Merchant Center. Whether it's sale product, seasonal product or bestsellers, these hand tips will get your shopping campaigns working harder.

In a bricks and mortar store, retailers don’t put all products on one shelf for competitors to sieve through. Shelves are categorised, seasonal product is front of house, top sellers are accessible, and products on sale are visible to consumers at the end of aisles. Google Shopping campaigns should be treated exactly the same way.

Product feeds can be complicated excel sheets containing tens-of-thousands of products, but as with other channels, it’s often 20% of the products, that are driving 80% of the revenue. And as a retailer, you want to maximise visibility of bestsellers to drive efficient sales in Google Shopping.

Using supplementary feeds in the Google Merchant Center to quickly apply custom labels can maximise efficiency for your Google Shopping campaigns.

Upweight PPC spend for products on-sale, in season, bestsellers, or however you want, and start driving improved Google Ads performance.

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