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Google Ads Tips For Peak 2020

November and December are key trading periods for small retail businesses. With shoppers likely favouring online over in-store this year, paid search advertising for SME retailers will be more important than ever.

In this PPC blog, we take a look at some ways to ensure your Google Ads account is setup to make the most of the peak period.


Google Shopping Sale Campaign

In key sale period, it’s likely that you have specific sale product you want to promote. In the same way you may put these at the end of the aisle in a bricks and mortar store to maximise visibility, you will also want to ensure these products are getting visibility in Google Shopping campaigns.

Custom Labels in Google Shopping can be used to target ‘product groups’ when building campaigns. Your feed will allow you to include up to 5 different labels for each product. These can be used to categorise your products however you’d like, for example, bestsellers, sale product, new season, etc.

This can be implemented in a number of ways:

  • If you have a feed management company – get them to add a custom label to your priority products

  • In the Google Merchant Center, if you click on ‘Feeds’ you can add a Supplemental Feed. This will allow you to create a Google Sheet where you can update custom label data for feeds. This article has some good tips for implementing this.

With sale products labelled, we’d suggest building a new high priority campaign for these products only. You can use the inventory filter in the campaign settings to target the labelled products, then set bids at product group level.

Set bids and budget higher for this campaign, this will enable you to increase visibility for the key products during the key periods.

Got any questions regarding the setup? Just let us know.


Google Search Promotion Extension

Promotion Extensions allow you to show sale and offer information as part of your ad. This will serve as a separate link that can be clicked, taking users directly to the sales page on your website. Furthermore, you can add sale end dates to your Promotion Extension – making them perfect for weekly promotions or fire sales.

Google Search Sale Sitelink

Sitelinks are clickable headlines that sit below your ad. Up to 4 can serve at once. These work really well for driving users to specific pages that may also be of interest based on their search term, such as: sale page, product sub-lines, complimentary products or other helpful content.

During Peak these can help to drive up click-through-rates, and also help users find your sale page easily.

Google Search Sale Ad Copy

On top of ad extensions, it may also be beneficial to update your text ads in Google to include discount or sale messaging.

Including messaging in Headline 1 or 2, or early on in your description line will work best to drive up click-through-rate.

Check out our other tips for 10 Google Ad Extensions every retailer should use.


What else has worked well for you? Let us know!

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