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Google Ads Partnership with Shopee

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Google set to make it easier for sellers on Shopee to get online with Google Shopping Ads in South East Asia.

There was a great article in The Drum a few days ago reporting a partnership between Google and Asian based ecommerce marketplace, Shopee.

Due to the online Shopping boom currently taking place in South East Asia, driven by the COVID pandemic, Google is partnering with Shopee and allowing retailers selling on the platform to launch Google Shopping activity – directly from the Shopee Brand Suite. Reporting will be provided back to retailers in their Shopee accounts.

We took a look at the partnership, and what it could mean for ecommerce retailers.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is a popular marketplace in South East Asia, allowing retailers to sell products to consumers, similar to Rakuten, Zalando and Amazon.

The Google Shopping Landscape

In an effort to build a shopping platform to rival Amazon, Google has made huge changes to the Shopping landscape in recent years – putting ‘connecting consumers with the best merchant’ at the heart of their changes.

We’ve seen Smart Shopping, making it easier for advertisers to launch ads on Google Shopping, free shopping listings, improving the quality of products in the Shopping tab, and we’re expecting ‘Buy With Google’ in the near future.

And now, this new partnership directly with an ecommerce marketplace could be a huge shakeup to the Shopping Ads space.

The future for Google Shopping?

First of all, this will be a great development for consumers – giving them better choice of products in the Shopping results tab.

Whilst this could increase competition on the Google Shopping platform, with more people shopping online and Google’s efforts to increase placements of Shopping ads (across Gmail, YouTube and display) – it’s likely this will contribute to further growth of the platform and increased importance of Google Shopping as part of your PPC strategy.

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