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Google Ads Image Extensions - New Beta For 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We spotted some interesting news posted on jumpfly.com this week. Google Ads have launched image extensions in beta to select advertisers.

In true, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ fashion, Google has launched a new ad extension that will incorporate an image into your PPC text ad.

The new Google Ad extension will serve on mobile devices, pulling an image into you paid search ad. The image used will be pulled directly from the advertisers landing page – so it’s likely this will be an automated extension for all advertisers when rolled out (hopefully later this year).

This news is really interesting, as it’s Google’s first attempt to incorporate imagery into search ads since they sunset Visual Sitelinks.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for this new ad extension in 2020, as it will offer some key benefits to SME retail businesses:

  • Showcase product images as part of your Google text ad

  • Stand out from the rest of the SERP (search engine results page)

  • Take up more room on the SERP

  • Improve your text ad quality score

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