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Exciting Buy On Google Update

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Google released a new update to their Shopping ads recently, making the native checkout on the shopping tab commission free for merchants.

Full details can be found in recent updates on Search Engine Land and Tech Crunch.

Picture the scene, you ‘um and ah’ about whether to buy another unnecessary product online. Finally, you decide to go for it, of course you need another pair of trainers. You find the ones you want on Google’s Shopping tab and navigate through to payment. Now, to find you wallet and card…

It’s a familiar scenario, one that’s become even more ritualistic since lockdown began. Google’s latest development Buy On Google aims to allow you to purchase from your mobile without needing you card – taking it from the details in your Android App Wallet.

What is Buy On Google?

Buy On Google is basically a ‘Buy Now’ button that will sit on Google Shopping ads, allowing consumers to purchase products without ever leaving Google.

The aim is to save consumers having to visit a merchant website, go on a 3 day expedition to find their bank card, input all their payment and delivery info to the merchant site (or worse, have to create a customer account), before being able to purchase the product.

Google essentially wants to make it as easy as possible for consumers to convert, building the current Shopping tab into something closer to Amazon – where consumers can shop, compare products and purchase effortlessly.

The big update recently is that the Buy On Google programme will be commission free for merchants – versus Amazon’s platform that charges a fee for each sale.

What could this mean?

This update is a massive step as Google builds a Shopping platform to rival Amazon. Making conversions as painless as possible will improve experience for both merchants and consumers.

For SME businesses, Google also plans to add a filter to the Shopping tab to make it easier for shoppers to find products.

As with all Google Ads updates, the changes are to be rolled out in the US initially, but expected for other markets in 2021 – so worth keeping your eye out for future updates!

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