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Amazon Store Pages – 4 Reasons You Need One In 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Amazon Store Pages allow you to promote your brand through multi-page stores built from simple templates. Testing these pages in 2020 will help you build brand loyalty and drive sales – this blog covers 4 reasons why.

81% of current Amazon advertisers are planning to increase their ad spend in 2020. As investment increases, so will competition. Amazon Store pages will become more important for driving results and building brand loyalty. Here's 4 key reasons you need to test them.

No Coding Required

Store Pages are free multi-page branded destinations that can be created using simple templates and drag-and-drop themes. Images and videos can be incorporated, as well as selected ASINs from your inventory.

Brand Story

Including images, text and videos on the pages allow you to share your brand story with users. Instead of driving traffic to a product page – users can experience your brand. This can be beneficial – especially if you’re brand is less well known.

Track Activity

If you’re site is not ecommerce, Amazon Store Pages can act as a destination for all marketing. You can drive Google Ads, Facebook and other activity to the Amazon Store Page, tracking daily performance using tags.

Showcase Multiple Products

The more choice you are giving customers, the higher propensity they have to convert. Store pages work well, since you can showcase multiple products on the pages, adding incremental value versus product detail pages.

Using Amazon Store Pages already? Let us know how you are getting on.

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