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Amazon Automatic v Manual Sponsored Product Ads

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Find out when to use automatic and manual targeting for Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Ads, both Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product campaigns, allow advertisers to target by keyword, product or product category.

Sponsored Product campaigns also allow advertisers to use the automatic targeting feature.

1. Automatic Targeting for Amazon Sponsored Products

With automatic target, Amazon matches ads to keywords and products similar to the ASIN you are promoting.

4 targeting options allow advertisers to refine targeting, adding a layer of control to the campaign:

  • Close match – targets only keywords that match closely to those related to your products

  • Loose match – targets keywords in the broader category around your chosen products

  • Substitute – displays ads on product pages containing substitute products

  • Compliment – displays ads on product pages containing compliment products

Automatic targeting is best to use if you are looking to discover new keywords, or launch in a foreign market, and don’t have a translated keyword list.

The main benefits:

  • Quick to launch & relatively hassle free

  • Allow advertisers to stay on top of growing keyword trends

2. Manual Targeting for Sponsored Products

Manual targeting affords more control – allowing advertisers to specify the keywords and products they want to display ads against.

This targeting is best used when you know exactly what a customer will be searching for.

The main benefits:

  • Control over keywords and individual bids

  • Control which keywords and products you can raise competitiveness on

Both automatic and manual targeting work best in combination. Automatic targeting allows advertisers to drive reach, awareness and volume, whereas manual allows you to focus on revenue driving products.

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