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Amazon Advertised Product Report

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Use the Advertised Product Report to see performance metrics at product level, identify ASIN performance trends, and determine tactics to drive efficiency.

The advertised product report provides sales and performance metrics for ASINs in Sponsored Product campaigns. Found in the ‘Advertising Reports” section, metrics including: clicks, spend, sales, and ROAS, can help you to quickly see aggregated product performance.

For any retailer, online or offline, you need to know what your top selling products are, and track changing performance trends.

Check the advertised product report weekly and try some of the below optimisations:

  • Move top performing products into new campaigns with higher budget and more aggressive bids

  • Increase keyword coverage for top performing products

  • Pause or reduce bids in campaigns with poor performing products (low ROAS or high ACOS)

How have you found the report useful? Get in touch, and let us know.

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