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5 Shopify Apps to Boost Online Sales

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Shopify apps are essential to running a successful eCommerce store on their platform. They are designed to optimise the process of converting traffic to sales. This blog will help you source products, save time, engage more with customers and drive sales!

Starting drop shipping can be like trying to pick up a suitor at a bar with no experience, no strategy, now knowledge and no game. What you need in a situation like that is a wingman. Luckily Shopify has your back! They want to make their platform as easy to use as possible, so they decided to partner up with developers to bring you the best wing men you’ll ever need, Shopify apps. Let’s check some 5 of them out.


Once this wingman comes into your life you’re going to want to know where he was all this time. This is the Barney Stinson of shopify apps guaranteed to make every fulfilment “Legendary!” 
Oberlo acts as a dropshipping service that helps you find popular products and start selling straight away, its hand-picked suppliers offer reduced shipping times and allows you to track orders. It can import large lists of products from AliExpress and even help with fast order fulfilment saving you bundles of time. In bar terms this gets you from first drink to checkout in the least amounts of steps necessary. Start with the free plan and upgrade once you see just how easy it makes dropshipping!

Facebook Messenger Shopify App

How about a wingman that finds you a suitor who’s always down for a chat and wants to build a relationship over time. 
With Facebook Messenger being used by 11% of the worlds population and being the second most popular mobile messenger app, second to only Whatsapp, combined with the fact that it boasts an open rate up to 80% means you should be thinking about how to build a campaign using this tool before you finish reading this article. To top it all off it’s free. You don’t have to replace email marketing with this tool but you’d be a sucker if you didn’t think about supplementing it. You can use this to send order receipts, shipping updates and to launch marketing campaigns.

Customer Reviews

This wingman gets your feedback on previous experiences so you can improve your game and make sure you’re delivering true value. 
Customer reviews are a great way of showing your quality and building trust amongst potential customers.Most customers, especially those new to your store or product, will want to check the reviews to see what the product is actually like once they make a purchase. If you’re selling quality products then this is undoubtedly going increase your conversion rate. 
Don’t worry too much about installs, review forms automatically match your stores appearance and there’s plenty of edit options if you’re not happy. I wouldn’t be too concerned with worst case scenario reviews, you can publish, hide, filter and manage reviews quickly and easily as bulk actions. Best of all you can add review scores to your Google search results as they are SEO friendly. This is a free app so I wouldn’t spend too long contemplating this no brainer!


Printful is a printing service with a stream lined process allowing you to create custom designed products for your boutique. Printful creates and sends orders on your behalf, so if you have creative designs but don’t want to get involved with the manufacturing process this app is a must for you. 
Selling custom t-shirts, posters, mugs, etc with no set up and inventory costs is great but Printful allows you to offer new items for sale in no time. Best thing is it’s free to download and you only need to pay for products after a customer makes a purchase on your store. 
With one of a kind designs your customers will not want to shop anywhere but your store!


Less like a wingman and more like having a little black book. Interact with people who know who you are and dig what you’re about. 
Acquiring new customers can be expensive so you should always look at past customers as valuable leads. The more you can get a customer to engage with your brand the more chance they have of becoming a loyal long-term follower. Offering an enticing rewards program is a vital part of building long term followers as it lets the customer know you value them and appreciate all the pounds / dollars they send your way. Smile’s service offers three programs to get customers to part with their cash and to spread the word about your brand; loyalty points, referrals and a VIP program. 
You can get started with a free plan but there is a premium plan in order to get access to the app’s best functions.


Shopify wants to make its platform as profitable as possible and facilitating online sales has become as big a business as eCommerce itself. Which is great news for anybody trying to make it in this sector, especially someone who is starting out. We recommend you try the free plan apps today. You should take some time to browse through the Shopify app store and see which other apps can help you boost conversion rates. 

Let us know your favourite Shopify app.

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