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3 Tips for Google Ads if Your Shops Have Re-Opened In June

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Shops in England opened on the 15 June, and on 29 June in Scotland, after being shut since 23 March. There was an initial surge, and festival like queues in the early hours outside shops, as shoppers wanted to feel the novelty of shopping in-store again.

It remains to be seen how lockdown changed people’s shopping habits in the long term. But, more people were shopping online, and rarely a day went by without seeing a meme about buying unnecessary items from Amazon.

The government has announced that shops can re-open in June. If your store are re-opening, we have suggested some tips to reflect this in you Google Ads campaigns:

1. Update Ad Messaging

If your stores are now open, ensure your ad copy reflects this. Include callouts like, ‘visit us in store’, ‘we are back open’, ‘find your nearest store’ - and make it clear you have re-opened following lockdown. It may also help to callout procedure you have in place for shoppers safety at this time.

If your Click & Collect services are up and running again, make sure you include call-to-actions in your ad copy, sitselinks and callouts.

2. Google My Business

Ensure your Google My Business opening hours are updated for your stores, so shoppers can see that you are open for business.

3. Keywords

Many businesses will have added negative keywords to ensure they don’t serve for ‘in store’ and ‘near me’ searches while shops were closed.

As stores begin to re-open, shoppers will be searching on Google for these keywords again, so make sure you increase bidding, or remove any negatives in place.

For more SME Google Ads tips, check out our other blogs.

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